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Safety at Chrome Electric, LLC ...

At Chrome Electric, we have developed a culture that promotes an injury-free environment and provides the safest workplace possible for our employees, subcontractors, clients and others who enter or who near our construction sites. We believe that the prevention of accidents is both our moral obligation and good business. Our safety efforts are based on our belief that every working person is entitled to a safe and healthful place to work. The responsibility for the health and safety of our employees goes far beyond simple compliance with the federal and state regulatory requirements. We recognize that the protection of our employees, property, the public and the environment are essential to the efficient and successful completion of every construction project we undertake.

We are dedicated to elevating the standards for safety in the construction industry through a wide variety of methods�from zero-tolerance drug testing to our aggressive fall-protection program, which requires a 100 percent tie-off anywhere fall arrest systems are used. Through innovative training and education programs, we also provide our employees and subcontractors with the tools, knowledge and resources they need to increase safety, reduce risk and improve loss control.